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“Before I came to CIANA, I was having a bit of a difficulty at school with some classes. I just needed an extra boost of confidence and CIANA gave me that exactly. As soon as I met them I knew I was going to be comfortable. Now my grades are better than ever and I feel more motivated.”

—  Albert Molina, Middle School Program



My experience with CIANA was extraordinary. My days at CIANA have changed the way I look at my own life; the warmth and kindness of the entire staff made my internship a true learning experience. It was at this organization that I truly understood the meaning of caring. Witnessing the effort, time and energy that the CIANA staff put into their work greatly motivated me to do anything I desired to, and for that I really thank CIANA.


Working at CIANA teaches you about the realities immigrants face in the U.S.  Immigrants in New York City face so many challenges in multiple aspects of daily life -- so whether you're studying or hoping to gain more experience in education, psychology, or law, interning at CIANA is a great experience on a personal and professional level.  


“I live in the community! I live about half a mile away, what really attracted me to CIANA, as an immigrant myself, trying to make a difference in the kids lives and I think about how much more awesome my life would've been if I had an organization like CIANA to help me when I was a child. Volunteering helps you get away from your normal humdrum life.”

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